Saturday, April 14, 2012

Forever friends....

We have been so blessed each assignment with such amazing friends. Every time I have to pick up and move, one part of me looks forward to a new place, while the other part of me absolutely hates to leave my friends. Our time at Osan was filled with meeting some incredible friends, and the McDonald's were one of those families. Our kids were just as close as we were, which made our move even harder.

Every Tuesday night we all met at the "M" for our weekly free kid dinner night. Sometimes the guys couldn't make it, sometimes we even had dinner with the other spouse, which led to plenty of rumors I'm sure!

We got the chance to fly to Sacramento and see them over a 4 day weekend, and the reunion was awesome! The kids picked up right where we left off, and KaCee and I didn't skip a beat! I miss her terribly!!! We had such a nice weekend, and we're already talking about a second trip in our near future!!

We love you McDonald's!!! :)


WanToBeMom said...

This warms my heart! Two amazing ladies with amazing families!!

The Rogers said...

Thanks Jorie!! Miss you lady! Glad to know you have a blog so I can keep up with you! :)